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Irrigation Guns – Introduction

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In previous technical articles, we have presented a whole series of considerations around gardening, landscaping and the tools necessary to achieve great results. Also, we work on different aspects regarding the choice of a water pump, the models and the characteristics and recommendations when choosing the right model. Now it’s the turn of the irrigation guns, certainly an apparently very simple accessory but which, however, requires a series of considerations.

Before the arrival of the irrigation guns, the way to regulate the flow of water was as simple as exerting pressure at different angles of the hose and, in this way, the resulting jet had one shape or another, why? well, because the form that the water takes, that is, the relation between the pressure and the reach surface, determines in a certain way, the resulting application. This simple concept was professionalized with the arrival on the market of irrigation guns.

Multi Function Irrigation Gun

Initially it was metal parts with simple mechanical systems, but with the growth and improvement of the plastic industry, little by little, they were replaced by their equivalents, but made of plastic. Now, are all plastics the same? The truth is that no, there are with greater and lesser hardness, resistance, etc. For example, ABS plastic is one of the best alternatives for irrigation guns, since, due to its chemical composition, it resists impacts, friction and weathering very well.

In addition to the composition of the ABS body, it is important to consider that the spray guns are usually occupied for extended periods of time, for example, during irrigation. In this sense, it is essential to consider that the plastic coating is ergonomic and has an appropriate grip. There are different combinations of materials, with different textures, among which each one can choose according to their taste. The truth is that materials such as TPR usually have non-slip properties that make them particularly suitable for application in irrigation guns.

Irrigation Gun

Irrigation Gun

Last but not least, the connector that establishes the connection between the hose and the irrigation gun is key. In low-quality products, it is one of the most sensitive points and, after a short time, they tend to break. This is a critical point to check when choosing to buy a spray gun. As we said, in the first place, verify the quality of the materials, then, it must be verified that the size of the connector has a possible link with the installation in which it will be put into operation. There are different sizes of connectors for irrigation, some of which have quick connection technology, which makes them more convenient for placement and replacement.

Classification of irrigation guns

We could say that broadly speaking, they could be classified into:

Fixed irrigation guns: they are the ones that simply connect to the hose and let the water flow in a single way. They are the simplest and cheapest.

Self-adjusting irrigation guns: it is the next level in terms of personalization of use, they have at least two levels of pressure / water dispersion. One that spreads the stream to cover a larger area (suitable for irrigation) and also one with a higher pressure concentration. (better for cleaning)

Simple Adjustable Irrigation Gun

Simple Adjustable Irrigation Gun

Multi-function irrigation guns: this is the most popular category today, these are models that, due to their design, have different functions that range from a highly concentrated water jet, with great power, to a highly dispersed jet, capable of Cover large surfaces, but with less pressure.

Multi Function Irrigation Gun

Multi-Function Irrigation Gun

Functions and applications of irrigation guns

We could say that in general, as the word indicates, they are used for watering, but let’s dig a little deeper:

Irrigation guns for cleaning: in this function we can include all those that have the function of concentrating the water pressure, for example, for the correct cleaning of garden toolslike the shovels. The same could be said at the moment, for example, of washing a bicycle or even a car. Although in the latter case, a function where the jet is not as intense, but broader, can also be convenient.

Irrigation guns for sprinkler irrigation: in this category we can include those that have the function of spreading a large amount of water, even if they do not cover a large linear distance. What is sought is that the diameter to be covered is as wide as possible. They are the ones chosen for the typical watering of flowers, for example, because, if, on the contrary, a great pressure of water jet were used, the flowers would most likely end up being damaged.

Remote irrigation guns: This function is particularly useful for watering from a distance, be it a vertical distance, such as a raised flower bed or a pot, as well as a linear distance, to reach a flower bed or an area of ​​difficult access.

In general, each of these categories and classifications should be used to choose the best model of watering gun According to the tasks that are intended to be carried out, as always, the recommendation is to delve as much as possible in terms of quality before making the purchase. There is a wide variety of options on the market, many of them practically disposable. Being plastic, not only will they quickly stop fulfilling their function, but they will also become a useless and polluting element.

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