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Laser Distance Meter – 10 Useful And Accurate Apps To Forget About The Tape Measure

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With the laser distance meters, tape measure measurements are a thing of the past. It no longer requires great effort on the part of the worker, nor extreme measures to obtain measures in areas or places with difficult access. The technology and design that the laser distance meters, not only facilitate the task of the users, but also reduce the execution time of the measures three times.

The laser distance meters represent the smart solution for measurement, and obtaining and managing the results. They are easy-to-use and highly accessible work instruments that provide a large number of benefits and advantages in each of their applications.

Display and interface of laser meters

To facilitate the visualization and reading of the measurements obtained by the work tool, it has a built-in screen that presents the information clearly and precisely.

Some models of laser distance meters They incorporate illumination to their screen, which makes it even easier to read the data, especially in a work area with little light. Additionally, the screen also has an orientation function, which allows the data to be displayed in the correct direction, according to the position of the tool.

On the other hand, the interface that the laser distance meters it is very user-friendly and intuitive, which allows its easy handling.

Laser Distance Meter – Interface

Creation, management and exchange of information

Other practical and modern features offered by the laser distance meters, consists of the intelligent documentation exchange of the measurement values. This function is performed through the GLM measure & document application, which works on Android and iOS devices.

Additionally, these modern and functional measuring tools, offer the opportunity to create, import, export and edit digital plans through the GLM floor plan application. The application is available for Android and iOS devices.

The laser distance metersThey also have Bluetooth connectivity technology, which allows them to quickly and efficiently transfer measurement information.


Laser Distance Meter – Bluetooth

Diversity in types of measurements

Some models of laser distance meters, feature a marking function and a 360 ° tilt sensor, allowing them to easily run angle measurements as well as leveling applications.
They can also perform indirect length measurement, indirect height measurement, min / max measurement. and have the function of wall surface.

As a perfect complement to all measurement functions performed by these tools, various models of laser distance meters They have a measurement memory, which stores the last 30 values ​​obtained plus a constant measurement.

Applications of use of laser distance meters

Thanks to the diversity of functions provided by the laser distance metersThese offer an endless number of useful applications for users, which greatly facilitates the work to be executed. We will detail some applications that can be carried out with this versatile and practical work instrument.

Creation of plans: thanks to the ease of reading and capturing measurement data provided by laser distance meters, designers and architects will be able to immediately create plans of their works or projects, without any setback.

Take measurements according to the plans– With the plane import function offered by the laser distance meter, it is now possible to take the measurements of the corresponding area as defined in the drawings, and then transfer and print the results quickly and efficiently.

Large measurements– In case measurement of large structures or buildings, such as a multi-story building, is required, laser distance meters are the best choice. You can make hundreds of measurements in a short time, and with the precision required for jobs of this magnitude. You can take measurements of an entire area in just seconds and without errors.

Topography and caving: Another of the applications of laser distance meters is the use of these in surveying and caving work. Measurements in excavations or caves are generally not easy work due to the accessibility and movement of equipment. However, with the use of laser distance meters, measurements can be obtained easily and with the desired accuracy, whether in cavities, underground lakes, underground galleries, tunnels, etc., and with the advantage of the illuminated display, which will allow without any problem to read the data obtained.

Roof measurement: without the need to use ladders, scaffolding or any other means of elevation, with a laser distance meter you can easily take measurements on the ceilings. This functionality of laser distance meters makes the job easier for architects, installers, designers and builders. In addition to saving them time, it gives them a much safer and more convenient way to measure in elevated, hard-to-reach areas and on rooftops.

Calculations for painters– Thanks to the wall surface measurement function of laser distance meters, a professional painter can calculate in a matter of seconds, the amount of paint required to cover the work surface.

Calculations for builders– Using the wall surface measurement function, construction professionals can calculate the amount of material they will require to complete the work in progress. Whether it is the amount of bricks, tiles, tiles, granite countertops, etc., with the help of the laser distance meter you will be able to obtain the necessary data to know the total amount of material to be used.

Calculations for electriciansWithout the need for pencil and paper, the electrical professional will be able to take measurements of the work area, calculate and draw the plan for the installation of the electrical system in minutes. In the same way, you will be able to quickly and efficiently calculate the material that is required to carry out the electrical installation.

Plumbing and installation of air conditioning systems– For plumbers and HVAC / HVAC professionals, it has never been easier to take measurements for your installation. Using the laser distance meter, these professionals can obtain the measurement values ​​they need to calculate and plot the installation plan, while also calculating the total amount of material to use.

Measurement of tanks or reservoirs– For monitoring fluid levels in any storage device, laser distance meters are the ideal tool. Measuring the depth of a tank or container is very easy, in case the content is a dark liquid, it is enough to carry out the measurement directly. For clear liquids such as water, the meter should only be pointed at something floating above the liquid.


Laser distance meter – Import and Export of drawings

Without a doubt, laser distance meters They came to the market hand in hand with technology, to make a difference by facilitating the work of many professionals through all its functions and applications. With all the advantages and applications they offer, the laser distance meters they represent an excellent work tool.

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