Monday, September 25, 2023

Maintenance and safety in the use of the pipe wrench

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Manual tools are work instruments used individually, which only require human driving force for their operation. Among the large number of Hand tools that we know, today we will focus on the spout wrench.

Is tool It covers a wide range of work sectors such as construction, plumbing, the industrial and automotive field, among others. And despite being a tool easy to use, working with it involves some risks, so certain security measures must be taken into account for its correct use.

Risks of using the pipe wrench

  • Hits.
  • Injuries due to projection of particles or objects.
  • Sprains due to overexertion or violent movements.
  • Cuts or punctures.
  • Explosion or fire by sparks in explosive or flammable spaces.

General safety recommendations

  • You must use the appropriate pipe wrench in dimensions for the work to be done.
  • You must check the good condition of the tool before use. Check that handles, edges, moving parts, jaws, adjustment areas, teeth, etc., are in good condition.
  • Validate that the gripping jaws are not worn.
  • You must keep the key clean and in good condition.
  • You must not use a spout wrench deteriorated or damaged.
  • You must not throw tool under any concept.
  • Avoid exposing the spout wrench to excessive heat.
  • Pipe wrenches should never be hit.

Pipe wrenches – different models

Safety during the use of the pipe wrench

  • You must not use the spout wrench to hammer or pry.
  • You must use the wrench that fits perfectly to the part to be tightened or loosened.
  • The effort on the key must be done by pulling, never pushing. If there is no chance to pull, push with your open hand.
  • You should position the fixed jaw on the opposite side of the pull or push direction. In such a way that the jaw that supports the effort is the fixed jaw.
  • You should never alter the design of the faucet to accommodate its opening.
  • You should not use pipes or anything else to extend the lever arm of the wrench.
  • You should not use additional elements in the mouth of the spout wrench to fit them to the nut or tube.
  • Avoid using wedges.
  • When turning the key make sure that your knuckles do not hit something.
  • Use the wrench in such a way that it is fully embraced and seated on the part, and drawing a right angle with the axis of the part that it tightens.
corner wrench

corner wrench

Maintenance and transportation of the spout wrench

  • You must transport the spout wrench in its case, bag or on a belt designed for it.
  • You must not carry tool in the pockets.
  • In the case of work at heights that involve ascent or descent, the spout wrench it must be transported safely and the user’s hands must be free.
  • The maintenance of the key is simple, make sure to clean it after each use and that its parts are complete.
  • When the job is done, you should store the wrench in a tool box or its individual case to prevent any damage.
  • Keep the tool in a place free of humidity.

Considering these security criteria you will be able to make a correct and safe use of the spout wrench in all your works.

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