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Material Detector: What kind of elements can be discovered?

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A material detector is a tool useful when working in construction, since it allows to locate wood, metals, beams, metallic reinforcements and low voltage lines. It works with radar technologies or electronic technologies.

When opening a wall, installing an air conditioning system, driving in nails or even demolishing an entire area, it is pertinent to check what the wall hides in order not to create a conflict by pulling a telectrical end, a pipe or a support beam.

The material detector is the tool needed to check the wall to work.

The laser material detector

The material detector or wall scanner has a number of functions that are useful to be able to drill the wall being sure not to touch a pipe, an electric cable or a metal beam that could break drill, chisel or hammer.

Among its functions is to provide the certainty of detecting the key areas that are under the surface.

With the improvements that technology is having day by day, the material detectors have improved their performance. Now there are models with laser technology, which give more accurate results.

The new models of material detector To be allow up to 180 degrees of rotation per scan. Likewise, the new devices have a deeper detection when checking a surface and their physical characteristics are lighter and more ergonomic.

The new ones laser material detectors They have an LCD screen and are up to 76 millimeters deep when detecting objects behind the wall. They detect objects like wire, wood and metal with more precision.

Laser material detector

Making a comparison between the detectors Analogue and lasers, the analogues work with magnets that are responsible for detecting the metal areas behind the wall, so when moving it over a surface the device adheres, exposing the location of the metal.

For his part, material detector Electronic incorporates sensors that locate changes inside the wall, such as metals, electricity or alternating current.

Certainly, analog devices had certain limitations, not being able to reach depths or detect certain materials behind the walls.

The material detector Laser, meanwhile, contains multiple sensor plates that reach a deeper and more precise level of the area.

The models of wall scannerSome incorporate sound functionality, hands-free, LCD screen and a variety of sensors that give greater precision.

Items that can be discovered with the material detector

the use of a material detector allows to locate:

  • Metallic beams or metallic coatings that serve as wall bracket.
  • Low voltage or three phase cables running through an area of ​​the wall.
  • Wooden beams.
  • PVC pipes or galvanized pipes.
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Spaces where there is nothing, just a hole.

It is important to note that the properties of a material detector vary according to the type of use that is going to be given. It is not the same a material detector for a hobbyist job or for one-off home repairs, than a sophisticated one for construction jobs.

Therefore, when making an acquisition of a material detector you must take into account:

  • How often you will use the detector. If you are only going to place a painting, a shelf or mount a lamp, you do not necessarily need the most sophisticated one. An inexpensive auto switch is more than enough.
  • If you are a professional, then you need a reliable detector, preferably a laser, that has a greater detection depth and wide sensors to detect multiple objects.
  • Hands-free scanners are ideal for covering large spaces.
  • Some of these instruments include a level, which will allow you to mark straight, level lines.
  • Others include LED lights that turn on when a pillar or object is found behind the wall.
  • Some detectors make a sound when they detect an important object.

On the other hand, if you have little experience in the use of detectors, but want to achieve complete precision in all your housework, the best option is the wall scanner. Its additional features can help you install a kitchen correctly, remodel your home, level floating shelves or shelves and many other things.

In the latter case, understanding the mechanism of the scanner may seem complicated, but you will soon be able to master the technique with the help of user manuals and the different guides that are on the Internet about it.

Ultimately, whether you are an expert or not, material detector will always be a tool Essential when modifying any structure, as it helps you take adequate safety measures and perform an optimal job.

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