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Mini Compressor – How to choose it and what are its main features?

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The mini compressors of air or portable air compressors, are mainly characterized by their compact size and ease of transportation. They are designed for small jobs and to be used by one person.

So how does a mini compressor work? The operating system of mini compressors It consists of taking gas, usually air, compressing it and then releasing it at high speed. This allows their applications to be multiple, they can be used to drive pneumatic tools in small workshops or at home. They are also applied in activities or tasks such as painting, cleaning, varnishing, filling bicycle or vehicle tires with air, life jackets, mattresses, among others.

This type of very useful tool has various models and designs, among which we can choose when purchasing one. There are several factors and characteristics that we must take into account before selecting a mini compressor, with the idea of ​​obtaining the one that best suits our needs.


Factors to consider when choosing a mini compressor

As the main factor to take into account, we must think about the demand for compressed air that we will need for the tasks that we want to carry out. With this basic information determined, we can then proceed to verify the following aspects and see some of the characteristics of the mini compressor:


This is one of the most important features when selecting a mini compressor. The flow indicates the capacity of the mini compressor to supply compressed air per unit of time. It is measured in “Cubic Feet Minute” (CFM), which in Spanish is “Pies Cúbicos por Minutos” (PCM) or “Litros per Minutes” (l/min).

The required air flow can be calculated by adding the flow required by each instrument or tool with which you are going to use the mini compressor. The total of this sum will indicate the maximum consumption required in theory. It is very important that the flow rate of the mini compressor is always equal to, or preferably greater than, the nominal consumption of the work instruments or tools.
As an aside, as a general rule it is stated that for each horsepower of the mini compressor, this provides a flow of 100 liters of compressed air per minute.


This factor indicates the measure of the force possessed by the air supplied by the mini compressor. It is measured in “Pound Per Square Inch” (PSI), in Spanish “Libras por Pulgadas Cuadradas” (pounds/in²). The measurement unit of Bars (BAR) is also used, whose equivalence is 1 BAR = 14.5 PSI.

The pressure of the mini compressor must be greater than that required by the tools that are going to be operated with it.

The compressed air flow and pressure requirements guide the proper selection of the power of the mini compressor. This is because each mini compressor It can guarantee a specific flow rate and pressure with a different power.


Expressed in “Horse Power” (HP), in Spanish Caballos de Fuerza or de Vapor (CV), it measures the work capacity of the engine of the mini compressor. The motor is what drives the pump. mini compressor, so the greater the amount of HP, the greater the flow output.

Work cycle

This characteristic indicates the relationship between the mini compressor between the time it stays on and the time it stays off. This characteristic must be considered depending on the time that the compressed air supply is required for the execution of the work.

tank size

The dimension of the tank mini compressor, must be determined by the air needs of the tools to be used. The larger the storage tank, the more cubic feet of air per minute the appliance can generate. This translates into greater autonomy for the tool that works with the air from the mini compressor. In case the mini compressor is required to work with tools that only require air for a short time, a small storage tank is sufficient. Ideally, the tool with the greatest need for air should be used as a basis when selecting the size of the tank.

Tank size for mini compressors is commonly measured in gallons.

On the other hand, for small jobs like primers or painting, there are mini compressors tankless ideal for these tasks.

Power supply

The mini compressors They generally work using an electrical power source, either plugged into an outlet or a battery. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the accessibility of the electrical connections, and the nominal voltage of the same. The engines of some mini compressors They work with a nominal voltage of 110 V and others with 240 V.


Although it is a factor that depends directly on all the previous aspects, it must also be considered. there are some mini compressors that have wheels and a handle to facilitate their transport, as well as other much smaller ones without a tank, which can be carried by the user.

Mini Portable Compressor

Mini Portable Compressor

Keep all these factors in mind when choosing a mini compressor, will facilitate the task and will surely allow you to acquire the device that best meets your needs.
Regardless of the model you select, always remember to read the user manual and follow the safety regulations indicated, for the correct use of the work instrument.

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