Sunday, October 1, 2023

Modern Welding Symbology

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Always, to weld, certain patterns must be followed, which once you know their meaning are already easy to understand. These should be followed even without engineering knowledge. They are graphics that are called welding symbols, which are used to identify welds. It is a different way of giving instructions for welding.

Structure of the welding symbology

It starts with a baseline, which is horizontal. It is called a base, because the rest will be added to it. welding symbols. For example, an additional line with an arrow at the end, which refers to the fact that they must be soldiers. These additional lines can vary, either up or down, to the right or left, but always diagonally.

If in any symbol arrows are seen on both sides of the base line, it means that either side is suitable for welding. Is symbology It is mostly T-shaped.

The welding will always be guided by the main line to continue the path of the work to be done. Even if there is a circle on the way, the route must be followed.

What meaning do the symbols have?

  • Shows the place to be welded.
  • It announces the type of welding by work to be carried out.
  • Sometimes the baseline can have a tail, but mostly it is omitted.
  • What can be displayed in addition to the symbol are dimensions, which can mean various things, be it length, dimensions or distance.

The person who makes the plan with the welding symbols, you should know what each symbol means and exactly what it is used for. This way the plan will be easy to understand and a good work can be done.

exist types of welding, which each have a symbol:

  1. Fillet weld. They are characterized by their perfect triangular shape, but centered under the baseline. It is specifically for all types of corners, even for T-shaped symbols. This weld joins the two elements so that they finish fusing with the metal.
  2. Intermittent welding. Normally it usually continues after the fillet weld. It is characterized by being a dashed line, but with empty spaces. This is how it shows, with the dashes, only the parts that must be welded.

Never forget that the reference line never changes, it is always the same, and an entire weld design is started on it.




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