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Parts of a MIG/MAG Welder

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We are going to briefly review the components of a MIG/MAG welding equipment, in order to be clear about its main parts. The following image shows these components (we recommend you read the article MIG/MAG Welding – How to weld, by clicking here):


1 Flowmeter: flow measuring instrument.

2 Torch or welding gun: It consists of a handle and a trigger and directs the wire, shielding gas and current towards the welding area. At its end it contains a nozzle or contact tube (interchangeable for each type of wire) surrounded by a nozzle.

3 Pressure regulator: pressure regulators are the instruments that allow us to work at a certain pressure, regulating the outlet pressure (pressure regulators in this case do not allow us to increase the pressure, but will always serve to reduce the inlet pressure to the valve) .

4 Shielding Gas Cylinder: It contains the gas at high pressure and is provided with a regulator that allows the gas flow to be measured. Depending on the method (MIG or MAG) and the metal to be welded, the most economical and used gas is carbon dioxide (MAG) followed by argon (MIG), helium (MIG). Mixtures of CO2 with inert gases for MAG welding are also common.

5 Gas supply hose

6 Electrode (wire): MIG/MAG welding also doesn’t require us to stop to change electrodes, so we can concentrate very well on what we’re doing.

7 Power source: supplies enough energy to melt the wire into the workpiece.

8 Ammeter: allows us to measure the intensity of the current.

9 Voltmeter: the scale is graduated in volts.

10 power cable

11 return wire

12 ground clamp

13 Consumable Wire Feeder: It consists of a motor and drive rolls, and allows continuous movement of the wire through the gun to reach the area where the welding arc occurs. In some equipment, the wire feeder is built directly into the gun.

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