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Rotary Hammer Chisels

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In other publications we have talked about chisels, what they are used for, their design and the different types that exist. We have also discussed in detail the tool known as a rotary hammer, what it consists of, what it is useful for and how to use it.

In this opportunity we will do a combination, and we will focus on the types of chisels for rotary hammer that exist, which ones we should use and for what.

What type of chisel do I need for each application?

We must take into account, first of all, what type of work is going to be carried out, what is the objective to be achieved. Let us remember that the function of rotary hammers is to drill, mainly robust materials such as concrete, floors, slabs and other materials.

Once the task is defined, we can move on to the next step, which consists of choose the accessory suitable for rotary hammer. In this case, we will focus as we already said, on the type of chisel.

In the market, the different houses of tools offer a varied range of models of chisels. In this case we will describe the general types that exist of the accessory, and its functionality.

Pointed chiselDue to its slim design and the sharp shape of its tip, this accessory is perfect for subtle and narrow piercings. Mainly used for applications of light chiseled Like removing mortar or ceramic, it is also used for demolition in mortar, and other masonry products. Some models have the property of being self-sharpening, which provides the advantage of having fewer jams during drilling.

Point Chisel

Narrow blade chiselThis accessory has a flattened tip, which is used to make the hole a little stronger than the tip. The width of its design qualifies it as the ideal accessory for working in confined spaces. It is implemented to break and groove in a straight line, for example to install an electrical conduction pipe in the walls, among other works.

Like the pointed type chisel, some of the flat chisel models also feature an anti-jam design and self-sharpening property.

Narrow Flat Chisel - Rotary Hammer

Narrow Flat Chisel

Wide-bladed chisel, this chisel features a flat blade design that creates a self-sharpening edge, on some models, increasing the rate of material removal. It also has support edges, which allows to increase the tool stability during the execution of the work. East chisel type It can be obtained in various lengths, so it is very important to select the right one according to the extent of the work area. Another advantage of this model is that thanks to its double-length design, it has a longer useful life. This chisel is perfect for material removal applications in concrete, walls, floors, and drilling in ceramic.

Wide Flat Chisel - Rotary Hammer

Wide Flat Chisel

Clay shovel chiselThis accessory is specially created to dig very easily, this chisel is perfect for general gardening or landscaping work. Its one-piece design is constituted, for some models, of uniform steel throughout its entire structure.

Clay Shovel Chisel - Rotary Hammer

Clay Shovel Chisel

Cold cut chisel, This chisel has a flat-shaped point and a sturdy base, it is used to cut a straight line, for example, when removing a section from a sidewalk.

Cold Cut Chisel - Rotary Hammer

Cold Cut Chisel

Martelina chiselThis accessory is designed to be used in concrete, masonry, brick and concrete. Highly recommended for general construction. (For combined rotary hammer)

Hammer Chisel - Rotary Hammer

Chisel Martelina

Most of these chisels have a variety in thickness and length, so it is an aspect that should also be considered when making the selection of the indicated accessory. These two aspects are covered in a way, if you want to detail, by the different brands of tools. This offers the possibility of having the perfect accessory, when executing our work.

The standard material for the manufacture of chisels for rotary hammer, is the steel. This material provides the build required to perform the drilling task, and additionally provides a formidable accessory life.

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