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Safety in the use of a multipurpose or oscillating tool

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There are various risks that are implicit during the use of any electrical tool, such as the multipurpose or oscillating tool. Some of these hazards are fire, electric shock, and even serious or serious injury to the user.

That is why certain security measures, before, during and after the use of the tool, to perform a job correctly and with a minimum level of risk.

In this article we will describe the various aspects of prevention that you should consider, during the execution of any work with the use of an oscillating tool.

Work area safety

  • You want to make sure you keep the work area clean and well lit. A cluttered workplace with poor lighting can lead to accidents.
  • Do not use the multipurpose tool in an area where there is a danger of explosion. Your workspace must be free of liquid fuels, gases, or powdered material. During work with the multipurpose tool Sparks can be produced that can ignite combustible materials.
  • You must keep other people and especially children away from your work area while using the electrical tool. The slightest distraction can make you lose control of the oscillating tool and generate injuries.

Electrical safety

  • You must make sure that the outlet you are going to use corresponds to the plug of the tool. Under no circumstances should you modify the plug.
  • You should not use adapters if you tool it is provided with a ground connection. Using the connection of the work instrument in its original state, minimizes the danger of a possible electric shock.
  • While using the oscillating tool you should avoid that your body makes contact with grounded elements such as radiators, refrigerators, stoves or pipes. This in order to avoid an electric shock.
  • You must prevent the tool be exposed to any type of liquid. If any liquid substance enters the inside of the device, the risk of electrocution is very high.
  • Do not use the power cord of the multipurpose tool To transport or hang it, you should not pull it to disconnect it from the power outlet.
  • While doing work with the oscillating tool, you must verify that the power cord is away from oils, sharp objects or heat. This keeps the cable in good condition and prevents possible electrical shock.
  • If it is necessary to use an extension cable to use the tool, you must make sure that this cable is appropriate, especially if you are working outdoors.
  • In case you must use the multipurpose tool In a humid environment, you must connect it by means of a differential fuse. This reduces the risk of electric shock.

User safety

  • During the performance of any work with the oscillating tool, you must remain vigilant and maintain a preventive behavior. You should not use the tool if you feel tired, or after ingesting alcohol or medications.
  • You must use personal protective equipment, which consists of protective glasses, protective gloves, a mask, hearing protectors, safety shoes with non-slip soles, and a helmet in case the work warrants it.
Personal protection equipment

Personal protection equipment

  • Verify that the tool is in “off” mode, before connecting it to the electrical outlet, when installing the battery, when holding it without working, and when moving it from one place to another.
  • Remove any fixed keys or tool before connecting the tool to electrical power. This will prevent possible injury when turning on the work instrument.
  • Make sure you maintain a safe and firm posture while using the multipurpose tool, this will give you better control of the device.
  • Wear appropriate clothing while performing your work. Avoid wearing loose clothing, jewelry, and loose hair. Any of these items can get caught in the moving parts of the machine. tool, causing serious accidents.
  • If possible, you can use suction or dust capture equipment. This reduces the hazards generated by dust.

Safety when using the oscillating tool

  • Before putting the tool in use you must validate that its moving parts work correctly and that they do not present any damage. In the event that any part is damaged, it must be checked by an expert or must be replaced.
  • Verify that the power switch tool It is in perfect condition before you start to use it. In case there is a problem, you should have it checked by the expert staff.
  • Validate that the piece you are going to work on is fixed or well secured through the use of bras, never with your hands.
  • You must hold the tool by its insulated grips and with both hands while you carry out the work, especially if there is the possibility that you will make contact with an electrical conductor.
  • You should only use the oscillating tool for dry work. If water gets into the tool the risk of electrocution is high.
  • You should not overload the tool during use. You should only use the multipurpose tool for the jobs that she can perform, without exceeding the indicated power limit.
  • You must disconnect the oscillating tool from the outlet, before changing any work accessory, making any adjustments, or when storing it.
Multipurpose Tool - Accessories

Multipurpose Tool – Accessories

  • Keep your hands out of the cutting area of ​​the tool. You should not attempt to touch the piece you are working on while the instrument is in operation.
  • Wear protective gloves to change the work accessories of the machine. tool. These get hot during use.
  • When you are using the scraper, you should work with greater caution. This work item is very sharp and can cause serious injury.
  • It is highly recommended that you empty the dust container frequently, since it can catch fire on its own, if a spark is projected into it during the use of the oscillating tool.
  • Once the work is finished, you must carefully clean each of the accessories used, as well as the oscillating tool. You should also make sure that the corresponding accessories stay sharp.
  • Stores the multipurpose tool In a safe area, free from humidity and out of the reach of children.
  • The tool it should not be used by inexperienced people.

Following all these recommendations you can work with the multipurpose tool correctly and under the right conditions. In this way you can protect both your physical integrity and the good condition of your work instrument.

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