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Safety in use of grinder

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The use of grinders or radio has grown with the development of the industry. Technically, they are electro-portable machines. They are used for cutting, polishing, in the finishing of welding, deburring, blasting, grinding, etc. There are several types of grinders. Depending on the choice of one or the other, it will depend on the type of work to be done. For not very heavy jobs, there are mini grinders, making the job easier and with a minimum of effort. Being a grinder or a mini grinder, there are risk factors if its true use is not known.

Risks of working with an Angle Grinder

If we do not consider how to use, or what consequences later have a grinding equipment, we can be victims of vision damage, inhalation of dust, etc.

  • Bumps that are generated when we work with inconsistent pieces.
  • When you do not have the necessary and efficient equipment that can inhale the dust produced by the grinder and wheels.
  • Bad body position when using the grinder or the machine itself.
  • The generation of noise that occurs not only from the grinder itself, but also from the noise made that is released by the material with which it is worked.
  • Instability that occurs in the machine with unforeseen reactions, either due to the flow of current intensity, or due to defects in the grinding wheel.
  • Have a device that allows the grinders to suspend them in the event of the minimum existence of accidents.
  • Do not exceed the maximum speed indicated in the manual.
  • Check that the installation of the vacuum cleaner is being carried out correctly.
  • Wait for the grinder disc to stop spinning completely when the job is done.

Work attire with Grinder

  • Work gloves
  • Eye frames
  • Hearing protection
  • Wearing a thick leather apron
  • Dust mask

Terms of use

Before Assembly

  • Inform about the risks faced when using the Grinder and how to prevent them.
  • Prove that the disk is in good condition. Its storage should be in dry places, away from high temperatures. They should not be stored in high places to avoid shocks and damage to the machine.
  • Maneuver the grinding wheels carefully to prevent them from falling and damaging each other. They should be protected in places where it can be easily selected and taken.
  • If the transport cannot be carried out by hand, it is advisable to use a suitable vehicle for it.
  • Read the indications of the use of the grinding wheel, and if it belongs to the use that will be given to it.


  • Make sure that the grinding wheels enter the machine freely. Use a suitable diameter with the power of the machine.
  • Each of the molars must be free of any foreign body.
  • The diameter of the joint, which is located between the grinding wheel and the clamping plates, must not be less than the diameter of the plate.
  • Tighten the nut on the end side of the shaft, as necessary to secure the wheel firmly.
  • To check the condition of the wheels, they must be rotated in vacuum at work speed with the protector on, for 1 min.

Using the Grinder

  • Periodically clean the machine with a damp cloth, removing dust, chips, etc. Do not use cleaning products as some components of the product could damage the machine.

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