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Safety measures when using cutters

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The cutters with new technology include security measures that allow them to be operated not only with the same ease as cutters traditional, but also very effectively prevent accidents.

Any SME should have safety and hygiene at work as a priority and not only for an ethical and legal issue: the cost of the tools (in this case cutters with new technology) may be a little more expensive than the traditional ones, but they flatly avoid any type of labor accident that leads to absenteeism, loss of competitiveness, labor lawsuits and delays in work.

Cutters with new technology versus traditional cutters

We already saw in a previous article an introduction to the safety cutter; It is a tool that is being used more and more in workshops and warehouses due to its ease and safety of use.

Conventional generic cutters

The most notable difference between the cutters – also called trenches or knives – with new technology and traditional cutters is that the former prevent direct contact of the edge with the fingers by means of different mechanisms: self-retracting blade, edge hidden under a Swan neck, ceramic micro-blade with wide angle cutting edge; the traditional ones do not include any type of safety measure except the non-slip handle and the brass or aluminum guide.

novelty mini cutters

The pitchforks with new safety technology they are designed to be ergonomic and prevent the fingers from being exposed to the blade during the cutting effort. This is achieved through the design of the cutting area and the handle.

Good safety practices with cutters with new technology

Even when a cutter is security, it must be remembered at all times that it is a cutting tools. Therefore, the first measure is not to have any distractions when working with them; this is especially true with self-retracting blade cutters.

The other consideration, although it seems obvious, is never to use these knives for what they were not designed for. Do not attempt to cut materials such as sheet metal, lead, hardwoods, or thick wire. Self-retracting mechanisms depend on the cutter is used with the materials for which they were intended; when cutting others, they may become clogged with foreign particles and clog the mechanism, thus leaving the blade exposed, without retraction.

neither should challenge yourself the safety of these cutting elements. That they are safe does not imply that under no circumstances will they prevent cuts if they are used improperly.

Finally, always respect the instructions for use, storage and maintenance. Do not attempt to modify these cutting tools and replace them if they become damaged or worn.

Comparison between Cutter models

To prepare a good comparative table between classic models and cutters with new technology it is necessary to first determine what the parameters of comparison will be. In this case, the most relevant are: price range (high, standard, economic), security offered (high, medium, low), durability (high, medium, low) and market availability.

Comparison Parameter generic cutter iSlice Safety Cutter Deli 2050 OLFA EH-1
Price range Economic Standard Economic Standard
Security offered Short high Half Short
Durability Half high Short high
Availability Very high high Very high high
Do you use spare parts? Yes No No Yes

Which of all the cutters with new technologies should I choose?

The answer to this question depends on what type of work is to be done; not all cutters security are practical for all tasks and some are more convenient than others although the level of security they offer is lower than other models.

Leather, carpet and textile cutting in workshop

Choose, if you can, those models with ceramic micro-sheet or those whose sheet is hidden under a Swan neck; failing that, cutters with retractable blades.

The cutters gooseneck offer the highest degree of safety for cutting textile sheets, carpets and sheets of skins or leather, although it is only possible to use them to cut sheets individually; They are also used to cut the boxes and the materials that close them (ribbons or strings).

The cutters with ceramic micro-blade, on the other hand, they allow greater precision without reducing safety since the edge is designed to avoid cuts on fingers and hands.

Carpet cutting on location

In this case you must choose a cutter retractable blade. These models keep the blade extended only when they are cutting the material; As soon as they finish cutting, the blade retracts, thus preventing accidental cuts.

If the blade snaps while the cut is being made, the mechanism will also cause the remaining blade to retract, meaning that in the event of any false moves caused by the break, there will be no exposed edge to cut or lacerate.

Opening of boxes in deposit

Choose the gooseneck models or those with a ceramic micro-blade. Both models are extremely safe for this task, and also prevent the underlying material from being accidentally cut.

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