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among all the Hand tools so common, ancient and used apart from the hammer, is the screwdriver. It is also known as a screwdriver, screwdriver, screwdriver and screwdriver. As its name suggests, this tool is used to loosen and tighten screws that require little pressure force and are generally of small diameters.

In general, screwdrivers They are applied more in domestic use and in work on soft materials or wood, such as screwing metal sheets.

screwdriver parts

There are 3 different pieces to distinguish in this simple tool, each one with its respective characteristics.

The screwdriver handle

This is the part where we hold the tool and also where force is used to make it work. This can be made of different materials, such as wood, PVC and plastic resins. Something very important is that it is not slippery and that it also has an insulating material against electric current.

The body of the screwdriver

It is also known as a rod or wedge, it is a metal bar in which its thickness and length varies depending on the type of screwdriver which is used

screwdriver head

This is the most important part, it is inserted into the screw to make it turn. The difference in types depends on the lag screw to be used, varying in the length and thickness of the edge, as well as its shape.

Screwdriver Types

types of screwdrivers

There are different types of screw heads, some round heads with only one slot, countersunk heads with flat slots, Philips star slots, Pozidriv star slots, Torx slots, etc. In order to tighten or loosen these screws, a different screwdriver is used each time, depending on the shape of the slot.

  • When using a screwdriver for professional use, there are pneumatic or electric devices, which allow a much faster tightening of the screws. These devices have interchangeable heads, therefore they can be used for any type of screw head.
  • In the screwdrivers common, the most used are the blueprints and those of star or also called Philips. They can also be found hexagonal or type Allen.
  • The star ones or screwdrivers Philips They have the great advantage of reducing the chances of it coming out of the slot as they are shaped like a cross and also that less force is exerted compared to flat ones.
  • exist screwdrivers smaller calls of precision that are less than 10 cm. long and are used more in watchmaking and electronics work. In the same way they can be flat or cross.
  • There is also a screwdriver that is more used by electricians, called scouts, which is used to locate the polarity of electrical circuits. A warning lights up when touching the positive pole.

How is a screwdriver made?

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