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Substitute Laser Distance Meter for Tape Measure

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A great variety of old manual tools that have been and are in conventional use, such as the meter, the plumb line, the level, the saw and the screwdriver, just to mention a few, today have their corresponding electrical substitutes. or electronics that can do the same job much faster and more efficiently.

The tape measure or tape measure is precisely another example. None of these elements are even missing in a home, but many are unaware that, while sophisticated substitutes for these simple tools can be expensive and complicated, there is also a much simpler range at a highly affordable price.

In this article we are going to introduce laser distance meters or distance meters They only measure lengths and are operated with a single button. It may seem strange that an electronic tool even simpler than a cell phone can reduce a task as tedious as measuring distances with a meter or a tape measure, often adopting uncomfortable or dangerous positions, or having to be carried out between two people, to a simple exercise of aiming the laser, pressing its only button and obtaining on your screen the reading of the distance we want to measure.

Here is a video about the laser distance meter or EDM that will serve to illustrate the functionality:

An example of these simple distance meters is the Bosch GLM 30 that have already been adopted by a wide variety of users. But the interesting thing is that these users are not only professionals dedicated to CAD design or the construction of large engineering works that demand cutting-edge technology tools. Rather, the vast majority of those users make up a broad spectrum spanning all types of construction workers, real estate agents, realtors, athletes, and home DIYers.

Is that the ultra-easy handling of these tools and the decrease in price, have minimized the barriers that limited access to laser distance meters.

How do you make a measurement with a Bosch GLM 30 laser distance meter?

Nothing easier. The figure below shows a schematic representation of the laser distance meter and its main parts, where we see screen 1 and measurement button 2.

GLM 30 – Laser Distance Meter

Following these steps we will obtain measurements in a matter of seconds.

1) Measure a single distance

  • We turn on the EDM and with that we will enter the length measurement function. The reference plane for measurement is always the trailing edge of the meter.
  • We activate the laser sight.
  • We place the meter at the desired starting point of the measurement (for example, a wall), as shown in the following figure.
How to use a Laser Meter?

How to use a Laser Meter?

  • To activate the measurement, we briefly press button 2 and read the result on «Screen 1».

2) Measure various distances (for example, to calculate the amount of paint, plaster, etc.) with the auto-sum function

  • We repeat the same previous steps. The measured value obtained “c” is indicated on the bottom line of the display.
  • To carry out the following measurement, press button 2 again. We will see that (figure below):
    • In the middle line, “b”, the value we obtained in the previous step is indicated and the most recent value appears at the bottom, “c”.
    • The top line indicates the self-addition, “a”.
How to measure distances?

How to measure distances?

  • And so we continue until we have made all the desired measurements.

How to take advantage of a Laser Meter in construction work?

In the following table we detail some of the tasks, separated by activity, in which this laser distance meter can be useful for construction workers.

Meter Applications Laser Distance Meter Applications

Laser Distance Meter Applications

How do sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts benefit from a laser distance meter?

Although it sounds unusual, there are sports and activities in which a laser distance meter is considered essential today. Golf is one of those cases. Players know that clearly knowing the distance to the flag before hitting is of the utmost importance. Therefore, while exclusive distance meters are marketed for this sport, the performance of a simple EDM like the GLM 30 may be more than sufficient. Target shooting or archery, which require shorter distances than golf, are other examples in which the range of a meter of this type is perfect, since it covers distances between 0.15 and 30 meters.

For their part, hunters who use bows or firearms are aware that when shooting at a target that is above or below them, it is necessary to modify the trajectory followed by the projectile. Also in these cases there are special meters capable of collecting information on environmental conditions to provide the hunter with information on how to aim. However, the less expensive and simpler meters fulfill the main function, is to provide the distance data.

How to take advantage of a Laser Distance Meter at home?

At the beginning of this article we stated that there is no home where there is not at least one of the old traditional tools. Knowing its advantages, it is possible that in a few years there will not be a home that does not have a simple distance meter.

These devices are ideal for household tasks, such as:

  • Calculate the spaces to remodel environments.
  • Calculate the surface of a room when buying paint or a coating.
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Install appliances such as wall and ceiling fans, heaters, water heaters, etc.
  • Take measurements in parks, patios, terraces or gardens, especially where there are plants or trees that would complicate the use of a tape measure.

Other users who also use simple laser distance meters are park rangers and rangers, members of the military, and people who work in constantly dark environments such as cavities and tunnels, municipal sewers, underground lakes, difficult access with sliding walls, rock galleries. dangerous, etc.

The small dimensions, the enormous ease of use and the affordable price make the Bosch GLM 30 EDM an extremely attractive and practical tool, which will soon make us forget our tape measure to enjoy the many advantages of working with this type of device. .

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