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Tape Measures | flexometer | tape measure

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The measuring tapes also known as flexometers or tape measure, are measuring instruments, which have lines marked longitudinally where the units of measurement and their divisions can be observed. We can consider them essential hand tools, since they are needed at all times, for various activities.

The units in measuring tapes They will vary according to the region or the type of tape purchased according to the activity we carry out.

The measuring tape It has always been a tool that man has used since the most ancient times. They are used by all people, especially those who work in construction and repairs. Without going too far, they are even used daily by doctors, nurses, funeral home staff, seamstresses, etc., and by ourselves when we need to know the measurements of any object in our home.

Use and Applications of the Tape Measure or Flexometer

The measuring tapes They have all kinds of uses and applications in our daily lives, only that many times we do not pay attention to them and we tend to forget them, but yes, those who work with them at all times never forget them.

Its function is to measure what you require at that moment, and for that we also have different types of measuring tapes We’ll see later. Remember, if you need a measuring tape, you can find it in the nearest hardware store or simply in a shopping center where they provide this tool.

Types of Tape Measures or Tape Measures

If there is a wide variety of measuring tapes it is for a reason, as all surfaces are not created equal. created a range of measuring tapes for the different uses that are required to give them.

  • Folding: They were used by carpenters. They were graduated on one side in yards and on the other in meters to facilitate their handling, when the change between both systems took place.
  • Folding Scissor Type: It is a practical design for craftsmen.
  • For Fabric: typical “meters” that are used today, although built with other materials. As the name implies, they are used in the seamstress trade.
  • School measures: they were instruments that served so that entire generations knew the use of the decimal metric system (square and bevel).
  • Iron Compasses: they were used to draw circles and take measurements and transport them to the objects to be reproduced. The different types of compasses were used in different trades (carpenters, blacksmiths).
  • Surveyor Chains: basic tools for taking measurements in the field. Their way of construction means that they do not deform and that they can be folded for storage.
  • Surveyor’s Gusset: complement of the surveyor’s chains that was used to draw right angles on the ground.
  • Rolling Tape Measure: Despite its antiquity, it only differs from the current ones by the materials used in its construction.

The length of the measuring tapes They vary according to the intended use. For domestic or hobby use, a measuring tape rollable from 3 – 5 meters, unless it is required to measure greater distance. In these cases, we can find rolling pocket tape measures of about 15 or even 20 meters. If what we want to measure is a field or terrain, then what we must have is a surveyor’s tape. The latter are generally provided with 50 or 100 meter tapes. They come equipped with winding handles, which will make our work easier when we stop using it and wind up the unfolded tape.

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