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Traditional blower vs Brushless blower

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Before discussing the brushed blowers vs brushless blowersLet’s think about what we really need.

For each type of blower motor, there are different performance levels depending on size, flow, and voltage.

Traditional or brushed motors generally have higher air performance than brushless or brushless motors due to their simple design. But the brushless technology offers multiple benefits which we will detail below before making the right decision.

Traditional blower vs Brushless blower

To continue with the choice of the tool Adequate we must ask ourselves: Do we need to be able to control the air flow and change the speed after a certain time? If the latter is true, let’s consider a one-way solution. brushless blower for our project. Brushless motors have an intelligent control board inside the unit that allows them to be programmed to give us maximum driving control.

The blowers brushless They are designed for complex air movement applications. If you only need airflow, a brushed motor may be your best solution. Brushed motors provide constant airflow and performance for spressing machines.

It can be placed in harsher conditions, compared to the brushless blowers, which allow us to have greater flexibility and less tension when we work in difficult environments.

Blower – brush motor

Technical characteristics

Brush motors are designed to operate on a single voltage (for example, 110 V) for the blower; If you need higher air output, you need to increase the voltage. Conversely, brushless motors, such as brushless blowers, provide constant performance over a voltage range, (for example, 108-230V), depending on the need for the tool.

They also function only as an open-loop system, while the motors of the brushless blowers they can be designed as open or closed loop systems.

Brushless and brushed motors have found many ways to increase their life. Brushed motors are now equipped with curved brushes to improve the life of the blower for up to 3,500 more hours.

While brushless motors have no parts in contact, which allows them to increase their useful life from 20,000 to 25,000 hours.

When we are considering brushless motors, we must ask ourselves what will be the useful life of the tool. Does it have to last for several years or will it only have to last for a short period? By asking ourselves this question, we have taken another step in the right direction by choosing the ideal motor for each application.

Einhell GE-CL 18 Li blower

Brushless blower


The battery-powered version of the brushless blowers it’s slightly lighter and a few decibels quieter, helping reduce worker fatigue.

Since they are cordless and do not depend on a secondary power source, newer technologies cordless blowers They offer greater flexibility and portability.

When working on multiple projects with tight space conditions, the blowers Battery powered allows you to maneuver and move freely without the danger of tripping or getting entangled in a cable. And this portability is a clear advantage for contractors who need to move frequently across multiple sites or work environments. As an additional point, the battery of this type of blower charges in about half an hour, like the batteries of the family Power X-Change that can be used by all equipment of the same technology.

Weighing less than 2 kg, the new blowers reach a blowing speed of up to 300 km / h, and they have the ability to order patios, gardens and any space that needs it.

Uses and functions

A wired version and brushed motor works great, especially if you’re just blowing sidewalks or driveways, as the cable doesn’t get tangled or caught in obstructions.

Once you move over larger surfaces, the battery-powered brushless version gives you mobility and freedom to enter anywhere for maximum flexibility.

Plus, it’s a good option for someone who does a lot of yard work or someone who just wants to do a little sprucing up and doesn’t want to deal with dragging an extension cord.

By knowing the space we have available, we can make a better decision about what works best for the work we need to do. Size and weight can play an important role, especially if we need a product that must be portable.

It is advisable to consider smaller options and different sizes of motors that can have a similar performance to what we need.

Brush motor blower Cordless brushless blower

Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Higher power at higher voltage. Needs electrical wiring Lighter, less noise and fatigue Accessories and spare batteries must be transported.
Continuous air flow. Less maneuverability Offers greater flexibility and maneuvering control. Batteries must be charged before use.
It only requires the tool and proper wiring Unusable where there are no power outlets Higher performance motor as there are no parts in contact.

The cordless tools they are less and less noisy, more compact and lighter, they are designed with new features that make them more functional and efficient instruments.

Brushless blower - battery

Brushless blower – battery

When we are looking for a blowerWhether brushed or brushless, it is important to understand the differences in profitability and how it relates to bottom line performance.

Traditional or brushed motors are very cost effective due to their simplistic nature. Most brushed motors offer a cost-effective solution for products that are profitable in and of themselves, although they don’t have as many features available as a brushless motor.

The brushless blowers They are designed to provide more control, life and performance than traditional brushed motors, driving up their prices. These blowers They are designed to last longer and can give you maximum control over your engine and system.

Video: blower in operation

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