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Types of Cutter or Stylet according to your application

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The cutter, also called stylet, is a type of hand tool used for various jobs due to the wide variety of its applications. The cutter It basically consists of two elements: the handle and a blade. It is a simple, flat handle made of plastic to act as an insulator against electrical discharges. The blade or blade is fine, thin and replaceable. The blade has been designed in sections to allow cutting them as they wear out, so that their use is more practical and saves time. Its retractable capacity allows the blade to be removed or hidden, providing additional security when not in use. Its applications are found in electricity, gardening, as well as in industry.

Cutter Types:

  1. Standard Cutter: It has a blade of a steel material, replaceable blade and slotted to remove the worn blade and install a new one with ease. The body is made of a hard but comfortable plastic material to handle, as well as acting as an electrical insulator. Its blade is retractable but has an insurance to avoid accidents.
  2. Large Size Model: the cutter, on this occasion, it has a robust, solid body, for jobs where extra pressure has to be exerted on materials such as plywood, dualite, etc. It has a repositionable and slotted blade for better handling and time saving. In addition, it has a blade extraction safety and a safety magnet to collect the remains of the blade that have already been used. Usually the thickness of the cutting blade is 0.7mm.
  3. Scalpel model: cutter with metal material handle and disposable blades. It is used in simple jobs where small cuts, precision work and finesse are required.
  4. Large Format Cutter: its body is robust, hard, based on a plastic material (rubber), whose properties make it what is called an “elastomer”. It is used for jobs where pressure is needed to cut cut-resistant materials. The blade is typically 25mm wide and 0.7mm thick.
  5. Dual Use Polyglass Plate Cutter: This tool is used to cut Polyglass sheets and other types of materials such as plastic. It is made of steel and with a plastic handle. The blade is “Parrot Beak” shaped and interchangeable with scalpel-type blades to be able to use the cutter on other materials.
  6. Small Cutter: is he cutter basic, common Ideal for simple jobs at school, at home, etc. It has a steel blade with extraction safety. The approximate thickness of the blade is 0.5 mm.
  7. Foam Board Cutter: its shape is different from the previous ones. It is used for bevel-type cuts (angles, edges, corners, etc.), and for straight cuts for foam boards. The body is made of metallic material. Its cutting capacity is up to 15 mm.
  8. Back Closure Paper Cutter: metal-type tool, used to obtain easy and exact blood cuts on the paper that closes the back of the frames. Easy to use and handle.
  9. Tip Cutter: kind of cutter whose main end is a metal tip for vinyl cuts and to rule out air pockets in its application on signs.

Cutter or Stylet Applications

As we explained from the beginning, the use of this tool is multiple since it is used, to cite a few examples, in:

  • Carpentry, for designs on wood, angles, etc.
  • Electrical work, to cut cables, strip them, etc.
  • Manual work such as decorations, fabric cutting, etc.
  • At school, at university, to design models.
  • In gardening its use is special due to the fineness of its cut and precision in pruning plants.
  • Likewise, in different industries, such as graphics and textiles.

Video cutter or safety stylus with automatic retractable tip

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