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Types of Screws for Electric Screwdriver

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Below we present a classification proposed in the Bosch company catalog, and it allows to have a precise idea about the type of screw in relation to the material in which it is used and the field of application. Although the classification is simple, it allows to clarify an approximation to the different types of screws and also to choose the appropriate one according to the application.

Some examples:

  • Quick mounting screw: for drywall material, wood or wooden or metal structures.
  • Screws for plywood boards: For wood and plywood applications.
  • Self Drilling Screws (with fins): Wood on metal.
  • Wood screws: wood, support with dowels.
  • Hermetic bolts: roof coverings, facade cladding on wooden or metal structures.
  • Self Drilling Screws – Metal Application
  • Sheet Metal Screws: for sheet metal.

Screw Types

It is important to consider then which drill should be chosen according to the application, for which you can consult the following technical article: How to choose a screwdriver?

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