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Welding Symbology

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The symbols, as in any other case, are used to specify and better understand the information we want. The welding symbols It is used to graph designs on a plane. Used in engineering (industries). It helps the engineer to do work in a practical and precise way, obeying certain rules. American Welding Society (AWS) established a set of basic symbols for welding and its application in industry. The welding symbols they are used to graphically inform a series of instructions. Long explanations are not needed to understand them. Necessarily, in order to understand and graph the designs on the plane, we need to know what types of symbols are basically used.

elementary welding symbols

Welding Symbology Application

The Reference Line. Throughout welding design, you start by drawing a horizontal line called the Reference Line. From this line, the other symbols will be added to complement the design. When we proceed to do the welding, the procedures will be placed below or next to the reference line. At the same time, an arrow will indicate the place or “joint”, where the welding will proceed. The joint is the place where the welding takes place.

The two sides of a “joint” are marked with an arrow. There are some designs where we find two arrows drawn. One opposite the other, depending on how you want to put together the engineering work. Each arrow represents an optimal option to perform the test. welding.

Welding symbols Complementary. They are those that complement the work of welding. The symbol will abbreviate certain instructions that are necessary for the graph on the drawing.

The flag where it is attached to the Reference Line. A flag on the reference line indicates that the welding It will be done in the field or while it is being manufactured.

The empty Circle between the reference line and the arrow. This symbol is used to indicate that the welding it must occur around or in the whole circle.

The tail”. Add additional information about the plane. It is the place where information will be placed to help the work of welding.

Symbology in Welding

Symbology in Welding

Welding Symbology Recommendations

  • Your reference line may have different addresses. When you welding symbol is below your reference line, the part a Weld it will be on the side of the joint where the arrow points. If, on the other hand, it is above the reference line, the welding it will be done on the opposite side of the joint where the arrow points.
  • Graph the direction of the arrow. The arrow can indicate different directions as we have said. The broken arrow can be found, pointing you in various directions.
  • Proceed to add dimensional dimensions to the right side of the symbol. The first dimension to be made will be with respect to the length of the welding. The second additional dimension will show you the distance between the centers of welding. There is a variety of signs to complement the design according to the needs of the engineer.

Precautions Welding Symbols

  • The symbols in welding they are used to simplify a series of instructions that, in a plan, would cover too much space, making it harder to understand.
  • Each symbol or graphic represents a design to follow for a job to be done.
  • The “tail” can be omitted when no reference line is used. It has no special information.

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