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What are Strawberries and how are they used?

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The strawberries They are rotating parts for machining materials and are the main tools of milling machines. They are generally made of high-speed steel, but, given the high cost of this material, larger milling cutters have a body made of construction steel and have incorporated in the cutting part blades (or teeth) made of high-speed steel or cutting inserts (widia) that can be permanent or interchangeable.

All these sharp parts (or sharp edges) are normally arranged symmetrically around an axis and their function is to progressively remove material from the work piece, transforming it into a finished piece, with the desired shape and dimensions.

There is a multitude of strawberries, each for a specific operation of milling and for a given job. They cover a diverse range of materials, from metals to wood and plastics, and most are available for steels, white gray cast iron and non-ferrous metals (N-type), hard and tough materials (type H) and soft materials (W-type).

In fact, the immense variety of strawberries supports a number of classifications. In general, we can group them into the following categories:

  • face milling cutters
  • drills for peripheral reaming (concordant or discordant)
  • By type of construction:
  • whole strawberries
  • shod strawberries
  • replaceable tooth cutters
  • By type of surface or profile of incidence of the milling cutter:
  • milled surface
  • stepped surface
  • By the shape of the channels between the teeth:
  • straight flute cutters
  • twist flute cutters
  • bi-helical flute cutters
  • By the cutting direction of the strawberries:
  • Right hand cutting bits
  • Left hand cutting bits
  • For mounting or fixing the milling cutters on the milling machine:
  • face strawberries
  • chuck cutters
  • shank cutters

The classification of strawberries Due to its geometry, it is the most extensive and it is also common to all the remaining categories, so we are going to dwell in more detail on this point.

The following table shows the main types of strawberries (there are many more) according to their geometry, as well as their applications main. Most of the uses mentioned in the table apply to both metal and wood.

Table Uses and Selection of Strawberries

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