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What are the accessories for drills and what to consider when choosing them?

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The drill accessories They allow us to expand the possibilities offered by this portable machine tool, making it even more versatile and giving us the possibility of developing tasks for which the drill was not originally intended.

There are dozens of accessories for drills available on the market; from those that simply allow greater support to those that allow you to convert the drill on a bench boring machine.

Drill Accessories

The idea behind the drill accessories is to expand the capacity of this tool, allowing us to perform tasks that, by itself, it could not do. Some are extremely simple – like kale – and others are more sophisticated, although they provide great benefits. Let’s look at the most important ones.


Battery – drill accessories

Inside the accessories for drill basic and indispensable, we must count the interchangeable batteries. They allow us to extend the autonomy of our cordless drills without having to recharge the same device battery.

The idea is to carry at least two in our toolbox, and exchange them as soon as the drill begins to lose power.

A good idea is to carry the charger to recharge the depleted battery while we work with the replacement; in this way we can have energy available at all times.

Handle or handlebar

Dust Cover - Drill Accessory

Dust Cover – Drill Accessory

Allows you to hold the tool with both hands, thus increasing drilling precision. This accessory allows you to hold the tool at various angles, thus offering the possibility of holding the machine in any position.

Cash register

Drill box with accessories

Drill box with accessories

No doubt about the drill accessories more elementary, but the one that offers more comforts to the user by allowing storage inside, in addition to the drill, spare batteries, strains, the handle and maybe some bits.


Coliza - Accessory for drill

Coliza – Accessory for drill

It is commonly included with the handle or handlebar. It consists of a simple plastic or metallic bar, graduated, which allows to know the depth that the hole is reaching.

The coliza It is fastened by means of a butterfly screw to the body of the handle through a through hole through which it slides.


Dust Cover - Drill Accessory

Dust Cover – Drill Accessory

This ingenious device collects all the material that comes off the drilling operation, be it wood chips, plaster, concrete or metal.

It consists of a hopper where the detached material falls, sucked in by the vacuum that is generated through a nozzle connected to a vacuum cleaner. When vacuuming through the tube, all the detached material is immediately trapped, with no possibility of dirtying the workspace.

Protection against projections

Protector - Drill Accessory

Protector – Drill Accessory

This simple device protects the operator from the projection of material chips, be it dust, chips or sparks.

It is attached to the spindle area of ​​the tool by means of two bolts with nut; The acrylic protection is thus ensured and acts by intercepting any material detached and projected by the rotating action of the drill.

Torque coupling

Angular - drill accessory

Angular – drill accessory

Sometimes it may be necessary to work at right angles to the axis of revolution of the machine. tool. These drill accessories They give us the possibility of applying torque at an angle, something especially useful when it comes to screwing or drilling in hard-to-reach areas.

This accessory is especially recommended for those users who want to work on their car.

Bench column

Bench drilling machine

Bench drilling machine

One of the drill accessories more useful, turn your hand tool into a bench hole punch by simply adjusting the drill to the support by means of the action of a crank screw.

This accessory includes the bracket, the column, the crank sensitive and a rectified table with guides, which allows to install walrus or support prisms to be able to pierce cylindrical pieces.


Screwdriver bits - Drill attachment

Screwdriver Bits – Drill Accessories

While not strictly an accessory, screwdriver heads allow us to transform our drill a screwdriver by simply attaching the hex female adapter tube to the chuck.

It is important to remember that, unlike the screwdriver, the drill It does not have a clutch system or torque limitation, so it is necessary to always work at the minimum speed to avoid breakage of parts or screws.

Angle guide

Guide - Drill accessory

Guide – Drill accessory

Sometimes it is necessary to accurately drill angled holes in materials too large to fit on the workbench. In such cases, the angle guide allows you to use the drill for this purpose, as a kind of portable bench hole punch.

The accessory consists of two guides or columns with screw, on which a bridge that supports the mandrel slides; This has, in the upper part, an axis that is the one that receives the torque from the drill.

The rotary support is located in the lower part, which allows to obtain almost any angle, locking in that position to allow the operator to work with total precision on any surface.

This accessory is especially useful for those cases in which, due to its dimensions, it is impossible to locate the piece or machinery on the workbench; In this case, the portable nature of the drill gives the possibility to carry out the drilling work on site.

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