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What are the practical uses and applications of a multi-purpose power tool?

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As its name implies, a oscillating multipurpose power tool It has a large number of applications, which in addition to being useful are very simple to execute, thanks to the design and operation of the application itself. tool.

We have already talked about multipurpose tools in a general and introductory way, we have also covered the aspects to consider to select the most suitable multipurpose tool model. And to complement, in this article we will detail some of the most common applications of the multipurpose work instrument, and how to use it.

Sand and polish

A multipurpose tool It is designed for sanding wood, iron, plastic and similar materials. All this can be done with the use of an abrasive paper, which will be adhered to a triangular abrasive plate that adapts to the tool.

To carry out the sanding and polishing work, the first step to be carried out is to securely mount the indicated accessory. In this case we refer to the triangular abrasive plate. Once the tool is switched off, it must be positioned so that the accessories compartment is facing upwards. The plate is placed on the housing making sure that its notches fit into the housing bolts. Then the iron is fixed by tightening the screw with an allen wrench.

Depending on the material to be sanded or polished, the corresponding abrasive paper is attached to the plate, making sure that the suction holes of the paper and the plate coincide.

To perform sanding or polishing work on the material, simply turn on the multipurpose tool and apply the iron on the surface to work. The plate must be moved regularly over the material until the expected result is obtained. The selection of the abrasive blade and the moderate pressure exerted against the material will be decisive for a perfect finish.

Wood surfaces can be sanded before varnishing, for finishing, repairs and maintenance. In the same way, you can work on plastic, iron and other materials.

This working instrument in conjunction with the triangular plate, is very efficient when sharpening edges, corners or edges that are difficult to access. To smooth out contours and curved surfaces, just use the tip or an edge of the plate.

The application of the triangular plate is very useful for carpenters, cabinetmakers, craftsmen, blacksmiths, builders, among others.

Multipurpose Power Tool – Sanding Application

Cut or saw

The multipurpose power tools They are suitable for cutting work on wood, plastics and similar materials.
In this case, the accessory or complement to use is the saw blade. Some models of multipurpose toolThey have a saw blade for wood and another for cutting metal.

The saw blade is installed to the machine, following the same steps as for the installation of the triangular plate. The only caveat is that in this case a washer and a screw must be used to fix the blade on the multipurpose tool.

When starting the tool, the saw blade must be applied to the material to be cut, taking care to properly hold the working instrument, and to exert adequate pressure to carry out the cut.

Before starting the cutting work, it must be checked that there are no foreign bodies in the material and, if they exist, they must be removed. Another aspect to take into account is that only soft materials such as wood or cardboard plasterboard can be worked in immersion cutting.

The cutting function allows users to perform a number of activities. You can cut wood for the construction of furniture, frames and any other element made with this material. On the other hand, the corresponding cuts can be made in the floor, in the furniture or in wooden walls for the installation of electrical systems, heating, making repairs or simply maintenance.

Cuts can also be made on concrete or ceramic, to install pipes, wiring or bathroom fixtures. Ceramic can also be cut for your own installation.

The multipurpose tool can also cut plastic pipes and iron screws or nails

This cutting function of the multipurpose work instrument is ideal for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, builders, among many others.

Scrape and peel off

Other applications in which you can use the multipurpose power tool or oscillating, is in scraping and peeling off.

To carry out these tasks, the scraper must be adapted to the machine in the same way as the saw blade.
To carry out the work of scraping, you should only apply the scraper on the surface to be worked applying the appropriate pressure. It is recommended to start with a flat angle and little pressure, as applying too much pressure could damage the base you are working on.

This accessory of the multipurpose tool, can be used to scrape off attached carpets or rugs, caulk residue, old paint, and other similar applications.

With these applications, professionals in construction, decoration, masons and others will be able to carry out their jobs in a practical and efficient way.

Oscillating Multipurpose Power Tool - Scraping Application

Oscillating Multipurpose Power Tool – Scraping Application

The oscillating multipurpose power tool, it is a very versatile machine that allows to execute a great variety of tasks, in a wide range of work areas.

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