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What are the types and applications of the pruning saw?

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the handsaws pruning are tools very useful, which have evolved both in design and functionality to meet the needs of the most demanding users.

In this publication we will be detailing the different types of pruning saws that exist, as well as their different applications so that you have a broad and clear vision of the versatility of this tool of work.

Pruning saws with standard structure

These models feature a traditional, rigid frame, but with a different blade design to handle a variety of jobs.

Pruning saw for field work

This type of saw it is designed to provide better performance during the execution of field work.

Blade design reduces friction to increase sawing performance. The teeth are usually hardened and straight, for greater durability, faster cutting, a perfect finish, and for sawing even green wood.

Pruning saw for field work

Some models incorporate a bi-component handle for greater user comfort, and a knuckle protector. Likewise, you can find saws with safety cover, to protect both the tool as of the users.

Pruning saw for aggressive cutting in hard or dry wood

For sawing wood with a rigid or dry constitution, there is saws whose blade is curved, highly resistant and with the right number of teeth to execute the cut without problems.

Some models have a wooden handle that provides comfortable grip and great resistance, for constant and continuous work.

Pruning saw for confined spaces

For hard-to-reach spaces, there is a model with a pointed blade, which usually has an anti-corrosion and anti-friction cover, to provide an easier cut.

Pruning saw for confined space

Pruning saw for confined space

Usually this type of saw It has aggressive backward sawing teeth and is used for domestic work such as pruning decorative shrubs or garden trees.

Pruning saw for cuts at height

To cut high branches in a practical and simple way, this type of saw allows connection to an extension pole. Its design also allows conventional sawing, thanks to its comfortable handle.

The blade design of this type of saw it tends to be curved and very resistant, to make cuts with ease.

Pruning saw for vineyards and fruit trees

The models of saw Used for sawing vineyards and fruit trees, they have a straight tooth blade for a clean, fast and perfect cut.

The design of the saw It features a tapered profile to reduce friction and provide a clean finish.

Pruning saw for vineyard work

Pruning saw for vineyard work

Some models have a comfortable anti-fatigue handle, knuckle protector and safety cover.

Folding pruning saws

There are several models of saws designed with the folding structure, to facilitate its transfer and storage. These saws folding vary according to the application for which they were made.

Folding pruning saw for simple or domestic work

This type of saw It is designed to carry out sporadic pruning work, such as pruning hedges or shrubs in gardens.

The blade usually has an anti-friction coating, for fast sawing of dry or hard wood.

Folding pruning saw for domestic work

Folding pruning saw for domestic work

It has a safety lock both for the extended or open position, and for the closed or folded position of the tool.

Folding pruning saw for field work, vineyards and fruit trees

The teeth of this type of saw pruning is mild, and the cutting blade has a wide throat for sawing thick branches.

The arrangement of the teeth provides aggressive and fast sawing in green wood.

Includes a safety lock, to ensure the tool both folded and unfolded.

Folding pruning saw for sporadic use in vineyards or orchards

The design and arrangement of the teeth in this sawThey provide a fast, clean cut in soft or green wood.

This model is specially designed to be used occasionally in the sawing of fruit trees and in vineyards.

It has a safety lock for both the extended and folded position of the work instrument.

Folding pruning saw for cutting hard and dry wood

The hardened teeth of this model have a special configuration for fast cutting of hard, dry and even green wood.

Folding pruning saw for hard or dry wood

Folding pruning saw for hard or dry wood

To ensure the tool whether it is folded or extended, it has a safety lock.

Some models have a strong and comfortable grip handle.

Curved pole saws

The curved models for poles allow sawing high branches in a practical, fast and efficient way. Depending on the thickness of the branches to be cut, there is a model of pruning saw suitable for the job.

Curved coarse cut saw

The teeth are sharp, conical and coarse, to minimize friction and cutting energy, ideal for smooth and fast cutting of thick branches.

The cutting blade features a flexible, curved, tapered design for extended blade life. This blade is designed for pruning, gardening, tree cutting and forestry work.

Curved Pole Saw - Coarse Cut

Curved Pole Saw – Coarse Cut

Additionally, some models add a hook to the end of the blade to ensure the blade stays in the cutting slot during sawing.

Curved saw for medium cut

Unlike the previous model, the teeth of this type of saw, are designed to work with medium thickness branches.

The tool It can also be used in gardening, pruning, forestry sawing or cutting trees.

Curved saw for fine cutting

This model is designed to make cuts at height, with greater precision.

The toothing of its blade is sharp and fine, to work with small-thickness branches, and provide a smooth and perfect cut. Friction is minimal and sawing power is focused on the blade teeth.

Curved Pole Saw - Fine Cut

Curved Pole Saw – Fine Cut

This model is ideal for use in gardening and pruning.

Some models include a hook at the end of the cutting blade to prevent it from slipping out of the saw slot.

These are the pruning saws most common and most used today, however it is possible that the designs will change according to the new applications and needs that arise over time.

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