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What is a mini inflator compressor and how does it work?

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We saw in a previous article how new technologies have allowed the development of jump starters for car batteries that fit in a shirt pocket; Now it’s time to talk about the mini inflator compressor: a tool —also designed to be carried in the trunk of the car— that gives us the necessary help in the event that one of the tires is deflated or has a lower pressure than that recommended by the manufacturer.

In this note we are going to explain what a mini inflator compressor, its operation and its advantages over traditional inflators. We will also see a little more about battery starters (a tool intimately related, and which should always be carried next to the mini inflator compressor).

What is a mini inflator compressor?

mini inflator compressor

Is a tool that delivers pressurized air to its mouthpiece, and that generates it by means of a small internal compressor, powered by electrical energy, which it obtains through a power cable. The latter is almost always an adapter for the car cigarette lighter, so it works on 12 V.

The tool It has a threaded valve that is placed directly on the valve of the tires that we need to inflate. If the size does not match (something that can happen if we try to inflate a bicycle, for example), the tool provides adapters for this purpose.

How does it work?

mini inflator compressor

When turning on the mini inflator compressor, the small internal compressor begins to work, delivering pressurized air to the outlet of the threaded valve. This valve prevents said air from returning to the compressor, so, with the pressure, the gas is forced into the chamber in the tire that is being inflated.

All these mini compressors include a pressure gauge that makes it easy to read the pressure inside the tire. This requires stopping the compressor (since pressurized air is not allowed to return to the instrument otherwise).

Some models, in addition to the pressure gauge, also offer a small LED flashlight that allows you to operate the e-tooln Low light conditions, which is favorable for emergency situations on roads in isolated sectors.

What advantages does it offer over traditional inflators?

mini inflator compressor

First is portability and size; traditional compressors have a motor, a piston compressor and a cylinder that stores the compressed air; All these components make the tool be voluminous. The mini inflator compressor dispenses with the compressed air cylinder, and integrates the compressor and the motor in a compact and small body, thus achieving that its dimensions and weight barely exceed those of a pocket book.

Another advantage is that, due to the lower consumption compared to traditional models, the mini inflator compressor it can be used in conjunction with portable jump starters, which helps a lot if, in addition to having a flat tire, the car’s battery is failing.

What performance does the mini inflator compressor have compared to industrial compressors?

traditional compressor

traditional compressor

It is obvious at first glance that a mini inflator compressor it can’t compete against an industrial-grade compressor (except for portability, of course). But well, what exactly are the differences?

The first is work time. Due to its size, the mini inflator compressor it will take longer to bring a tire to the desired pressure. This is because the mini inflator compressor does not have a reservoir cylinder for already compressed air, while the compressors of industrial type they have a cylinder of considerable proportions. This allows them to immediately use the pressurized air stored there.

The second and last notable difference is that, while the mini inflator compressor can only work up to a certain maximum pressure, the industrial compressors They have higher pressure margins.

Now, weighing these two apparent tradeoffs against size and portability, we clearly see that while industrial compressors are useful in a garage, the mini inflator compressor remains a must-have in the toolbox that every car should have in its trunk; In an emergency situation, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. tool to inflate a tire if you are able to do so within a reasonable time. On the other hand, its low consumption makes it doubly useful, since in situations of this type it is crucial to save fuel and charge the batteries as much as possible.

How does a mini inflator compressor connect to a jump starter, and what is it for?

Salkor starter charger

Salkor starter charger

The purpose of connecting a mini inflator compressor to a jump starter is to avoid discharging the car battery. This is important in a scenario where the car is stopped in a remote location, far from any mechanical assistance. Extensive use of the battery could drain it, thus making the car unstartable.

The connection mechanism is very simple: first it is necessary to adjust the valve of the compressor to the valve of the tire to be inflated. It is then connected by a cable compressor to the charger. The charger turns on and then the compressor.

When the tire reaches the desired pressure, the compressor is turned off and then the charger. Both are disconnected and finally the valves are unscrewed. It is necessary to put the cap back on the tire valve, to prevent dirt from entering it.

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