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What is an esparavel and what is it used for?

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Many people tend to confuse the manual tool called casting net with the fishing net since this term is very common in fishing enthusiasts, which is why it lends itself to confusion for the less skilled masonry subjects. As for the professionals in the sector, and those who handle the trade, this tool finishing is a strategic ally when it comes to working with coatings.

A casting net in masonry is a tool consisting of the following features in its design:

  • Flat square surface: mostly designed in aluminum or magnesium, it can also be found in plastic or wood.
  • Its weight is very light for easy handling.
  • Its size can be in the range of 20×20 to 35×35.
  • It has no borders at the ends of the square.
  • It features a vertical handle in the center of the flat surface.

In what way is the esparavel an ideal helper for the mason?

When you have to do a coating manually, the casting net it is very useful. Is tool fulfills two specific functions:

  • As a means of transporting the mixture to the place where it will be applied.
  • Allow the mason to keep the mixture elevated, with easy handling, without causing spills.
  • It saves time by not having to go to the place where the mixture was generated and avoids the mason’s fatigue by not having to bend every time to obtain the soil mixture.

Its function, although it seems very simple, is quite useful in masonry work. This type of tools It is usually improvised due to its easy design, especially for those who do not have the means to obtain it, the only problem is to make it light with the materials that we can find at home.

Others, on the other hand, use the trowel or trowel to supplant the casting net, and with it they spread the mixture over the surface on which they are working. It is to be taken into account that the casting net it does not serve this purpose, it is only used to hold the mixture.

One of the most notable benefits of this tool it is to be able to provide the mason with a better quality of use, removing fatigue from work and back pain; On the other hand, it offers benefits of improving performance in the work carried out and the use of less time to carry it out.

It is very important to note that each tool it is vital in the execution of a work, and no matter how simple it may seem, they all have their function according to the type of work and the way in which it is carried out.

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