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What questions to ask yourself before buying a laser distance meter?

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The useful tools known as laser distance meters provide advantages when making measurements, since they facilitate our work by offering greater precision and considerable execution time savings, compared to the old or traditional measuring mechanism. We have already presented this topic in this technical article giving certain guidelines on How to choose a laser distance meter ?. This time we will concentrate on answering certain queries that readers sent.

Currently on the market we can find a varied number of models and designs of this Measuring instrument. Each model is designed with certain tasks or tasks in mind and provide some specific facilities or functions for those tasks. There are distance meters aimed at the professional user market and others aimed at home repair amateurs, among others, as there is a tendency to use it as a substitute for the tape measure.

Due to the large number of types and models of laser distance meters, it is possible that at the time of acquiring one, you may find yourself with the need to request help or advice in choosing the most appropriate instrument. In this article we will ask all the questions that you must ask yourself, before making the purchase of a copy of this practical and effective tool.

What kind of work am I going to use the laser distance meter for?

This question is the main one and the one you should ask first, when buying this tool.

Depending on the type of work to be carried out, you can select one or the other model. We will describe the main laser distance meter functions and based on this information you will be able to know which option is the best.

The indirect measurement function allows you to measure distance (lengths and heights) from one point to another, regardless of the presence of objects and obstacles on the measurement line. This function is performed by triangulation and avoids the use of other implements such as ladders to measure heights, or carry out several measurements to obtain the total distance. This model is recommended for surveying, construction and engineering activities.

Laser Distance Meter with Tripod

In case you need to determine the perpendicular or the horizontal for a fixed point or place, the minimum measurement function gives you the shortest distance from the fixed place. And for the case in which it is required determine the diagonal for the fixed point, the maximum measurement function indicates the greatest distance from the point in question. These types of meters are very useful for engineering, construction, design, decoration and general repair work.

Another very useful function is to tilt angle detection. To do this, some laser distance meters have a built-in inclinometer, which makes it possible to calculate, for example, the height of a house or to make measurements on surfaces that do not reflect the laser beam. This measurement is made by applying the sinusoidal function. Special model for decoration, construction and engineering.

Of course, there are also much simpler models that do not have these functions and that only perform the standard distance measurement function, with the use of the laser beam. These models are the most used by amateurs and for sports or leisure activities such as golf, hunting, gun shooting, archery, among others.

How far should the distance meter range?

The scope is a very important aspect to consider, as this determines in what range of areas you will be able to use the tool and take a measurement correctly. The simplest models generally have a range that goes from 15 meters to 30 meters, the more advanced models offer a range of 50 to 100 meters and there are versions of up to 250 meters. The latter have a telescopic sight that facilitates the visualization of the laser beam, at a distance.

If you are going to work in open and large areas, you should opt for the instruments with the longest range. If, on the other hand, you are going to work in closed areas, such as construction or real estate applications, you can opt for the shorter-range models.

How accurate should the measuring instrument be?

The precision with which the laser distance meter, is proportional to the scope of it. The greater the range, the greater the precision. The vast majority of models have an accuracy range of between + – 1 and + – 2mm. East level precision it is quite considerable when compared to the precision of traditional methods.

Bosch GLM 80 Laser Distance Meter

Laser distance meter

What should I consider regarding the visibility of the instrument screen?

It is very important that the display has excellent visibility, allowing you to see the measurement values, even in dark or poorly lit places. There are models that have screens that adapt to the lighting conditions of the environment. Another option that you should take into account, if you require it, is to opt for screens with a motion sensor, in these cases the screen rotates if the device goes from a vertical to a horizontal position and vice versa.

What aspects to consider in terms of connectivity?

Many models of laser distance meters have the functionality to connect to other tools and thus facilitate work or extend their scope of functionality. For example, some instruments can be attached to tripods to facilitate working over long distances. They can also be connected to graduated rulers, to function as a digital level. And the option of connection via bluetooth or USB port, to export data to a computer or to recharge the battery, are some of the aspects to take into account for the connectivity of the tool.

With this series of questions and their answers, you will undoubtedly have a much clearer idea of ​​which model of laser distance meter to buy.

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