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What to consider when choosing a cordless brush cutter?

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The cordless trimmer They are machines that, as their name implies, work without cables with the use of the charge that their battery maintains. This type of equipment is capable of cutting weeds and unwanted grasses, in the same way as gasoline-powered machines. They are used for mowing and curbs in gardens, parks and forests. This equipment has become one of the essential gardening tools to prevent fires and to clean green areas.

Are tools They are known by different names according to the country. For example, scythes is the term used in Colombia, in Spain they are known as brushcutters. The name may also vary depending on the model, the one that uses thread is called an edger, and the one that uses a cutting disc or both cutting models is called brush cutter/ brush cutter.

The cordless brush cutters The latest generation usually use lithium batteries and have a great performance and performance. Additionally, they provide comfort and ease of movement during work.

Cordless brush cutter

Features of a cordless brush cutter

The brushcutters They can be a great purchase option, if you require a tool efficient to carry out the proper maintenance of your garden or green areas. And while features may vary by model, all features cordless brush cutters They have the following characteristics.

  • Easy to use: This equipment greatly facilitates work in gardens and green areas, allowing a slight movement throughout the area that needs to be worked. You just have to charge the battery, connect it to the brush cutter and get started with work.
  • Durability: They have an extended durability, reaching several hours of continuous work and with a great performance. Its energy consumption is minimal.
  • Reduced vibrations: thanks to its design, cordless brushcutters Modern systems considerably reduce vibrations as well as working time.
  • Mobility: Because they are light machines and they work without cables, the wireless scythes They allow you to move around any area and carry out the necessary work without the slightest inconvenience.
  • Low maintenance: They do not require great maintenance, you just have to make sure to use them according to what is indicated in the user manual, and clean them after work as indicated in said manual.
  • They do not generate emissions: unlike diesel models, these brushcutters They do not produce any type of emissions, which contributes to your health and care for the environment. In addition, by not requiring the transport of potentially explosive fluids, the risk in the entire work area is significantly reduced.

What factors should you take into account when choosing a cordless brush cutter?

There are a large number of models of brushcutters in the market, but when choosing one you can guide yourself based on the following considerations.

The work to be done

You must be sure that you actually need a cordless brush cutter before acquiring it. Is tool It is ideal for constant maintenance in areas with overgrown grass, undergrowth and small trees. Especially if grass or weed growth is fast.

Depending on the size of the job or the size of the area to be treated, you can choose a professional or home model.

Brushcutter motor

The power and capacity of the motor is very important, the performance and the useful life of the machine will largely depend on this. There are models with a Brushless motor, that is, with a brushless electric motor, which facilitates maintenance of the motor and is a guarantee of a long life for the machine. tool.

On the other hand, some modern designs have the motor in the front part, to optimize the transmission of the force and the distribution of the weight of the machine.

On the other hand, in some machines the number of revolutions can be regulated electronically, which provides ease and speed when configuring the brush cutter according to the task to be carried out.

Shaft type of a brushcutter

The shaft is the link between the motor and the rotating head of the equipment, and there are cordless brush cutters with straight or split shaft. A split shaft allows the tool to the work area, makes it easy to move equipment, and also saves space once stored.

Brushcutters with straight shaft they can count on more power thanks to the fact that they have a direct connection with the power supply.

Quick-change heads on brush cutter

The versatility of a brush cutter It is one of its most attractive features, and this is due to the interchangeable heads and the variety of connection. This enables the tool to carry out different tasks, both large and small.

The most common heads are a string cutter as well as a blade attachment. These allow the machine to be used as a grass trimmer and as an edger. Some models use the 3-tooth blades, as their design effortlessly penetrate the lawn.

However, the quick-change facilities allow the heads to be exchanged using a tool or simple lever, without the need to unscrew the main unit of the equipment. The spindle locking system of some brush cutters allows easy change of cutting equipment.

Cordless Brush Cutter - Heads

Cordless Brush Cutter – Heads

Which battery to choose?

Regardless of the type of work you have to carry out, it is very important that the battery of the brushcutter is of high quality. You should also check how many batteries the equipment requires to function, what is the load that the battery supports and how long it takes for it to be fully charged.

Likewise, you should check how much working time the brush cutter battery gives you, and based on this information you can select the one that best suits your needs.

Another aspect that you can check is whether the battery used by the brushcutter is compatible with other equipment or machines that you already have. If so, this represents a great advantage for you.

Cordless brush cutter - Battery

Cordless brush cutter – Battery

The handles of the brushcutter

Due to the nature of the work that is performed with a cordless brush cutter, this should provide the facilities for a good grip.

A bimanual handle, similar to the handlebar of a bicycle, is the most used since it allows a resistant grip during the execution of the work. This design of handles requires the use of both hands, to support and have a better control of the machine without fatigue to the user.

It is also very convenient that the brush cutter has a soft and ergonomic grip.

Cordless Brush Cutter - Handles

Cordless Brush Cutter – Handles

Vibration in the brush cutter

Currently many models integrate the anti-vibration function for when the machine is not in use. Likewise, quality brushcutters generate little vibration when they are working.

Validate these characteristics, this will be of great help since the less vibration, the less exhaustion will be due to the use of the tool.

Accessories of a brushcutter

The accessories that the cordless brush cutter they can make your job even easier. For example, some include a strap to carry it comfortably and work without fatigue.

Cordless Brush Cutter - Carrying Straps

Cordless Brush Cutter – Carrying Straps

They also include a tube guide rail made of aluminum or some other material, which together with the soft grip provide ideal ergonomics at work.

Likewise, some models have a practical support to hang the tool on the wall, facilitating its storage.

Cordless Brush Cutter - Wall Mount

Cordless Brush Cutter – Wall Mount

Taking all these aspects into account can help you choose the best one brush cutter. A model that meets all your requirements and that facilitates the execution of efficient work.

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