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What to consider when choosing a polishing machine?

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Choose the tools and machines suitable for each job is one of the basic points to start a project. In the case of choosing a polisher, It can become an arduous task that can be complicated, not only by the general ignorance of the tool, but by the wide variety of options that exist in the market.

We have previously addressed the issue of polishers, we were able to see how they are and how they work in this technical article. The polishing machines They have various uses, such as to deal with a very deteriorated finish or to facilitate the detailing of certain work.

Look for the best polisher on the market It will lead to as many opinions as people you ask or websites you consult. In addition, it has been a tool considered in the past more or less exclusive for professionals, with which its specifications are not always clear.

For this reason, and to facilitate the choice closest to the needs, we have gathered the essential characteristics to take into account when it comes to choose a polisher.

Factors to consider before buying a new polisher

First of all, one must consider what the application will be and for how long the application will be intensively occupied. polisher, since sporadic use every three or four months is not the same for polish the car than more frequent use on different types of surfaces. For the first case, a basic and simple double action polisher, at a not very high price, will meet what you are looking for.

These machines are perfect for beginners who are learning on their own and trying out how to polish the car. After a few tries and being satisfied with the results, you may run into the downsides that these polishers sometimes present: lack of power and the need for many hours to polish the vehicle completely.

Specifications to consider when choosing a polisher:

After determining the operator’s level of experience, there are certain specifications and variables when choosing it. These values ​​will depend on each person and their needs, but there are a number of factors that it is prudent to consider.

Polisher speed

The rotary polishers They have more power and their speed is measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). The range of these machines oscillates between 700 and 2800 rpm, being the ideal between 1100-2000 rpm to cover a wide variety of applications.

On the other hand, double action polishers (also known as roto-orbitals), they have less shear force but their results are very fine. When orbiting it on its own axis, its speed is measured by OPM (orbits per minute), with ranges from 4000 to 6000 opm.

Speed ​​control on polishers

An important factor is the fact that the speed can be regulated electronically, since greater control is acquired over the machine and therefore, over the finishes.

Speed ​​control becomes an essential element, since for example, in fine finishes lower speeds are required but nevertheless, for larger and more aggressive jobs, higher speeds are required.

It is clear that if you use excessively high speeds, depending on which points, you run the risk of eating the paint, and if you use very slow speeds for larger jobs, the job can take many hours and sometimes it may not fulfill the function that Wanted.

Ergonomics and weight of the polisher

Ergonomics is a factor to take into account in all our purchases, especially when it comes to tools and machines. If we are going to spend many hours working with the polisher, the ideal is that it adapts to our hands and body. Subjectivity also comes in here, since each body is different, and each person has a different strength or resistance. That is why it is best to physically test the tool before buying it.

Also noteworthy is the importance of weight, which can sometimes influence power, as well as the location of controls. The polisher must be, above all, comfortable to use.

Price of a polisher

It is true that each person has a different budget when buying any tool. Regardless of the previously mentioned factors, the price of a polishing machine It can make us opt for one model or another.

If money is not a problem, the range of models to choose from is wider, fulfilling all the desired characteristics. If, on the other hand, it is bought under budgetary limits, the intermediate point must be found, the quality-price balance.

In general, brands that have less service or even no repair service tend to have lower prices. Those that are committed to long-term durability tend to have higher prices, but also an appropriate service.

Specific applications of polishers

Each project or job requires a different type of polisher. That is why, in the market, we find different models of polishers. Next we are going to briefly recall which model to choose according to our needs:

Double action polishers

Dual Action Polishers are the easiest to use and are quick to adapt to beginner hands. They are manageable and can be controlled on both vertical and horizontal panels and their use ranges from removing scratches to applying wax, as a paint sealer once dry, or to give paint a shine, for example.

There is no risk of burning the paint, since it does not focus the pressure on one point, but it is slower than the previous ones.

Rotary polishers

On the other hand, rotary polishers are more focused on the professional sector. They have much more power than the double action ones and the finishes tend to be better, but for this you have to know how to use the polisher correctly, since you run the risk of burning the paint.

Rotary polishers are considered the most effective and fastest on the market, but their price is higher and they require specific knowledge for their use. They also allow you to work on difficult angles and difficult to reach with another type of polisher.

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