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The wheelbarrow It is a vehicle with only one or two wheels, used to transport small amounts of cargo and only one person is needed to operate it. The wheelbarrows with two wheels they are much more useful for transporting very heavy objects that are difficult to control with only one wheel.

The wheelbarrow it is important for businesses that transport many small loads from one place to another, or for home use. They can be purchased at any store where tools and machines are sold, especially in places where construction materials are offered, since it is part of the tools in that category.

types of trucks

  1. Single Wheel Truck. It is used to carry cargo by hand. Here the load is distributed in a balanced way, since all the weight is located between the loader and the wheel, in such a way that the load can be carried by one person. Its ease of maneuvering also helps to unload the transported material without major problems. The unloading is done through the ring that surrounds the wheel (support ring to be able to overturn).
  2. Two-Wheel Truck. It has two wheels that make it more balanced on the surface, although it does not have as much maneuverability as one wheel and it is not as suitable for use in small spaces.
  3. Industrial truck. it may or may not have hydraulic suspension, one or two wheels and another pair of swivel wheels. A heavier load can be carried than with the previous two.

Use of forklifts

  • The wheelbarrow with a single wheel, it is normally used in gardening or construction since, as only one person is needed for its transport, it is very practical for these two activities.
  • The wheelbarrow Two-wheeled, it is used to transport cargo by hand, but mainly in the case of boxes or other implements, especially when objects must be stacked in large quantities.
  • The use of industrial wheelbarrow is defined by its own name. It is special for work in the industrial environment, since it has a hydraulic suspension, which makes it much more advanced than any of the others. It is used for the transport of household appliances.
  • There are different models in turn: wheelbarrows with plastic body, with metal body, inflatable rubber wheel with metal or plastic rim, plastic wheel, metal wheel and an endless number of features that make various models exist.


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